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About the Company

Clear Engineering Solutions was founded with the ethics to see the industry of structural engineering modernise and to use the best tools and programmes available on the market. We refuse to compromising quality for short-term rewards

For such reasons CES uses the most recent techniques in structural engineering. While on site doing inspections, we use laser measures, professional endoscopes and wall scanners to detect material types and other sophisticated tools to ensure accuracy and reduce the impact on the property. We then employ digital modelling of loads and forces from dead weight above as well as dynamic wind modelling. A

All data collected is processed to increase clarity of the technical drawings for the contractor. Once the project is submitted we will be there with you until competition of the construction.

All our design comply with British Standards and Eurocode.

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House Extension
The most cost-effective solution to increase quality of life and property value
Roof design
To remodel existing roof for a loft conversion or designing an entirely new one.
New build
Designing an entirely new house
Site Inspection
To check for load bearing walls, wall cracks and general stability of the house