Technical Drawings

Technical drawing is a graphic representation of the real world existing or planned structures and buildings. It is an essential tool in communication for designers and engineers because it can explain complex systems and ideas.

Engineering drawing will vary to artistic or even architectural drawings. The artistic emphasises emotions, and the architectural drawings aim to plan spaces for ease and comfort of use, these have a creative element. An architect will deal with building presentation and aesthetics, how the building fits into surrounding to be pleasing for an eye.

Contrary to artistic drawings, the structural engineering drawing deals with scientific and objective problems. Technical drawing aims to present a solution to the technical problem with clarity leaving no space for ambiguity. To keep high-quality of our drafts In Clear Engineering Solutions Ltd we use the most recognised in the UK drafting standards under BS8888-2017.

For every project we sketch a set of high-quality design CAD drawings to include:

  • All critical dimensions with tolerances (Δ+/-)
  • Stee profile sizesImage result for steel profiles uk
  • Steel and timber connection detials

  • Masonry details
  • Applicable side notes
  • Customised notes for contractor
  • Scales and perspectives
    • We ususally use 1:50 scale for plan view
    • 1:20 for section view
    • 1:10 for steel and timber connection detials
  • Details of the Client, Architect, Contractor
  • All drawings are in metric system (milimiters, meters, kilometers)